Develop your “Why”

Develop your “Why” – this is your goal, your purpose, your desire, your need, your strongest possible reason why you want to change your health. This “why” has to be stronger than any excuse that will be thrown your way and have to consistently stand up to “I don’t have time”, “I don’t like eating that”, “I don’t have the money”, or “I will never be able to do it”. No one can give this to you. YOU have to decide that the time is now!!

Body Sculpt Welcomes Catherine De Wet !

Body Sculpt is thrilled to officially announce the addition of Catherine de Wet International Fitness Athlete as the newest member of Team Body Sculpt! Catherine’s naturally outgoing personality and dedication to health and fitness made her addition to the Team an easy decision.

For her part, Catherine had this to say about joining Team Body Sculpt, “I live and breathe fitness and I am very excited to be joining Body Sculpt”.

We couldn’t be happier to have Catherine on board, and look forward to supporting all her success and beyond!